Porto Velho: What to do and Where to Go?

Do you love listening to samba? Then you need to visit Porto Velho. This is a small but lively city. It is not much popular among the tourists. However, a visit to the city made me realize that it has more to offer than meets the eye. If you want to visit Porto Velho and derive the maximum fun then you need to check out the list given below.

Check Out Mercado Cultural

In order to have some fun, I visited Mercado Cultural. Music is played by some talented professionals and you can grab some delicious food here. Apart from this, marvel at the architecture of the building. It is simply great. It can be said that it is an exhibition of the city’s history. I had some good time here.

Visit Palacio Getulio Vargas

Visiting this place might be difficult but it is not impossible. This is because it is the most crowded. It has now been turned into a museum. I came to learn about the history of the city here. Also, the building has incredible architecture.

Spend Some Time at Cais Do Porto Velho

Do you want to get away from the bustling life of the city and spend some quiet time? Cais do is the place to be. The expanse of the river-front park offers a stunning. If you want, you can take a walk around the park. Click some photos to take some memory back home. I also availed the boating facility that is available here.

Explore the Beach of Porto Velho

Do not miss out on the miss. This is a great place for tourists. The bright sunlight is just perfect for sunbathing. Stroll around the beach or take a dip in the water. Stay back till sunset as the view during this time is just ethereal.