Three Top Attractions in Jakarta

Do you love beauty and elegance? You should then consider visiting Jakarta. This capital city of Indonesia has a lot of attractive sites. It is a modern city found on the beautiful island of Java. If you love museums and art, Jakarta is the place you need to visit. Jakarta is the largest city in Indonesia. Its modern architecture will make you think that you are not in Asia. Below are three must-see attractions in Jakarta.

  1. The Jakarta National Monument

The Jakarta national monument is so outstanding that you can see it from anywhere in the city. The structure is 132 meters high and was built to commemorate the Indonesian’s struggle for independence. You can choose to admire the architecture from the ground or climb all the way to the top. At the top, you can see almost every corner of the city. This structure is held dear by many Indonesians because it represents their cohesiveness. Do not miss to enjoy its breathtaking beauty at night brought about by its excellent light works.

  1.  The Taman Mini Indonesia Park

If it is your first time to be in Indonesia, you need to explore the culture and history of this great country. The Taman Mini Indonesia Park is the place you should start your tour. It is so enormous because it occupies an area of 250 acres. You will enjoy a ride on a cable car as you transverse this attractive site. You can later visit traditional theatres and IMAX Cinema Theater where you can watch the latest movies. Taman mini-park is a must visit for you in Jakarta if you have time. This park is frequented by many locals as well.  

  1.  The Indonesian National Gallery

The Indonesian national gallery is an ideal place to visit if you have an interest in the culture of the Indonesian people. There are many spacious halls adorned with thousands of artwork done by great Indonesia artists. You will enjoy fabulous artwork by Roden Saleh and Nyoman Lempad. There are contemporary sculptures done by very young people which can also interest you in this gallery.

  1.  The Kata Tua (Jakarta Old Town)

The Jakarta old city is also known as the old Batavia. Kata Tua is so rich in the history of Indonesia that you do not want to miss. Everywhere you go in this town, you will notice the spectacular style of the buildings done centuries ago. The most of essential museums in Indonesia are found here. You will also realize that the majority of the buildings in this city were built by colonialist and later converted to museums. Although some of the structures are in a sorry state, their repair is opposed because they are being considered for world heritage protection.


Jakarta boasts of a rich mix of cultures. You can find Japanese, Chinese, Malay, Indians and even Europeans. This mixture of foreign groups has not diluted the original culture of the indigenous inhabitants. This makes Jakarta the best city to visit in Indonesia.