Eilat – The City of Kings

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Since back in the days when King Solomon used to rule over, the city has been culturally ancient and is based on the coasts of the red city. The city hosts the largest trading port around Israel and is responsible for all the major trading that happens around. The city lies in the southwestern part of Israel and the weather here is mostly warm with mild sea breezes you can feel. The beaches around here are sumptuous and compliment best with the kind of weather offered here. The water sports revolving around water diving are the most famous attraction among visitors. These are the places that you must visit the city at least once.

Underwater Observatory Marine Park

This is the most loved tourists’ attractions around Eilat. There could not be a better way for those who are afraid of waters or not like getting wet, to explore underwater life. There is this fascination among the tourists when it comes to going to the marine park. The marine park is the third largest underwater observatory around the world. Firstly you have to reach the tower observatory which is almost 150 meters above from the sea level, and then they will take you at least six floors down and you will reach the entrance to the majestic world under water. There are over a hundred different species including sea turtles, and starfish and sharks even.

Ice Space

Ice space is the largest ice park around the world and was made in early 2014 and has been a major hit among the visitors when they come here. Space even won the prize for being the wackiest attraction among visitors. It is like water to the thirsty, coming to an ice space in the absolute dessert heat. The temperature remains under negative seven degree Celsius. There are several ice sculptures and different indoor ice activities, including skiing and snowfalls.