Porto De Galinhas: Explore the Beach Town

Being a beach lover, I have a strong affinity for the different beach towns of Brazil. Porto de Galinhas is one such town. It is a popular town of Pernambuco. The wild nature and the warm captured my heart, the moment I set foot in the city. There are many places to check out during your visit. Let’s take a look at some of these.

Praia De Muro Alto

This is one of the best beaches in this town. The blue water against the green background offers an excellent view. There are natural pools and reefs. It is nothing less than a paradise. I took a dip in the water as it is calm. You can stay close to the beach as there are many resorts and hotels available here.

Praia Da Vila

This is another beach that will blow your mind. My friend John who works near the Jefferson Memorial back in Washington DC had told me about it and recommended I visit when I got here.  I was not disappointed!  It is located at the heart of the town and has natural pools for swimming. There are some lined up restaurants on the beach where you will be able to grab delicious seafood. Spend the day on the beach soaking in the sun. I had a great time relaxing on the beach.

Engenho Massangana

This is actually a complex of buildings including a chapel that had been constructed in the 19th century. During that time, it used to the base of the economy of the town. Joaquim Nabuco used to live here when he was a child. It gets its name from the nearby river.


To visit this beach, I left early in the morning. You have to take a catamaran to arrive on the golden coast of Alagoas. It is important to visit when there is low tide. So every early morning it can be considered to be the best time. The turquoise blue water was a treat to the eyes.

Macon: The Heart of Georgia

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Macon is a small city that lies in the center of Georgia. Located on the Ocmulgee River, the city is known for its archaeological findings and beautiful mountains. Macon has many tourist homes and resorts that offer numerous hospitality services. There are also several day tour services that let people visit all the top attractions including museums and parks. Highlights of our weekend Macon tour are as follows:

Ocmulgee Mounds National Historical Park

Located on the banks of the Ocmulgee River is the site of Ocmulgee Mounds. The place is an archaeological attraction where you get to see several mounds that were built around 1000 CE by the ancient tribes who were settled on this side of the river. There were 8 mounds in all and each had a different purpose. We hiked all the way to the Great Temple Mound. The view from the top of the mound was amazing as we could see the entire park. The best part is that entry is free.

Hay House

Located at 934 Georgia Avenue in Macon is the famous Johnston–Felton-Hay House. Built-in 1855, the mansion has been given the status of a National Historic Landmark. The structure that was built on Coleman Hill reflects the splendor of Italian Renaissance Revival architecture. The real beauty of this 3-story mansion lies in the interiors that were meticulously designed with ornate patterns, royal carpets, tall windows, antique paintings, statues, grand chandeliers, and carved ceilings.

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church

Macon is a place many attractions but there are a few exceptions like the St. Joseph’s Catholic Church that outshines the rest. The historic church is nearly more than 125 years old and is a fine example of Neo-Gothic architecture at its best. The twin towers of the brick-colored cathedral are 200 feet tall and have many stained glass windows that portray the religious concept of salvation. The altar and the nearby structures are adorned with white statues and golden ornate flowers.

Fascinating Places to Visit in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

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Ho Chi Minh, the largest city in Vietnam offers many fascinating things to the visitors even though it is a chaotic commercial hub. I found the honking and heavy traffic a little bit annoying. But, the French architecture, temples and other tourist attractions like the museum, reunification palace and water spaces made my visit to the place absorbing.

Here are some of the must-see places in Ho Chi Minh, according to my experience.


  • Thien Hau Temple in China Town 


This is the oldest Chinese temple in Vietnam and is dedicated to the Goddess of the sea.  The roof of the temple is adorned with drawing portraying Chinese life during the 19th century.


  • Water Puppet Theatre


This is the place my children enjoyed most during the visit to Ho Chi Minh. The Golden Dragon Theatre offers traditional puppetry shows from the rural villages. Watching this show gives the tourist experience of the Vietnamese culture. Traditional musical instruments are used to provide live music during the show.


  • Reunification Palace


This is a building constructed in the 1960s and important historic events happened here in 1975 which lead to the reunification of the country. It is also called as Independence Palace and has lush green gardens spread over 44 acres. You can still see the war command room, basement tunnels and the military vehicles here.


  • Vietnamese History Museum


The building dates back to 1929 and is created using Asian and French architecture.   You can find the evolution of the country from the Bronze Age to the 20th century by going through the exhibits here. A well- preserved mummy is an added attraction to visit the museum.


  • Pagoda of Jade Emperor or Chua Phuoc Hai


This is a temple constructed to honor Jade Emperor, the Taoist God. Many Taoist deities and Buddhist statues are located inside the temple. I found the panels of woodwork and animal and dragon sculptures decorating the roof attractive.

Eilat – The City of Kings

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Since back in the days when King Solomon used to rule over, the city has been culturally ancient and is based on the coasts of the red city. The city hosts the largest trading port around Israel and is responsible for all the major trading that happens around. The city lies in the southwestern part of Israel and the weather here is mostly warm with mild sea breezes you can feel. The beaches around here are sumptuous and compliment best with the kind of weather offered here. The water sports revolving around water diving are the most famous attraction among visitors. These are the places that you must visit the city at least once.

Underwater Observatory Marine Park

This is the most loved tourists’ attractions around Eilat. There could not be a better way for those who are afraid of waters or not like getting wet, to explore underwater life. There is this fascination among the tourists when it comes to going to the marine park. The marine park is the third largest underwater observatory around the world. Firstly you have to reach the tower observatory which is almost 150 meters above from the sea level, and then they will take you at least six floors down and you will reach the entrance to the majestic world under water. There are over a hundred different species including sea turtles, and starfish and sharks even.

Ice Space

Ice space is the largest ice park around the world and was made in early 2014 and has been a major hit among the visitors when they come here. Space even won the prize for being the wackiest attraction among visitors. It is like water to the thirsty, coming to an ice space in the absolute dessert heat. The temperature remains under negative seven degree Celsius. There are several ice sculptures and different indoor ice activities, including skiing and snowfalls.

Prince Edward Island: Explore the Smallest Province of Canada

A small trip to Prince Edward Island gave me the idea that even a small province like this can offer so much to a tourist. Take a weekend trip and you are going to have so much fun. Starting from parks to bridges, you will get it all. In case you are planning on visiting Prince Edward Island anytime soon, here are a few things that you can check out.

Greenwich Provincial Park

I came across many provincial parks in the city. However, the best one was the Greenwich Provincial Park. Visit this park to take a walk. The scenery is just beautiful. You can also go for a bike ride. The Gulf of St. Lawrence is a walk away. You will find the floating boardwalk that makes its way through the wetlands.

Lobster Supper

Visiting Prince Edward Island and not having lobster would have been a huge mistake. The authentic lobster dish served in the restaurants here is just lip-smacking. Almost every restaurant in the province serves this dish. It is one lobster dish that I am never going to forget. The fresh taste of the lobster still lingers in my mouth.

Bridge to New Brunswick

The bridge that connects the city to New Brunswick is a sight to marvel at. This is called the Confederation Bridge. Before this had been constructed ferry used to be the only way into the island. It will take about 12 minutes to drive across this bridge. The view from the bridge is just a treat to the eyes.

Peake’s Wharf

You should not miss out on this at all. If you love to walk along the waterfront while you visit gift stores, buy some t-shirts, and have some ice-cream, this is just the place for you. I collected some souvenirs for my family and friends from the gift shops here.

Porto Velho: What to do and Where to Go?

Do you love listening to samba? Then you need to visit Porto Velho. This is a small but lively city. It is not much popular among the tourists. However, a visit to the city made me realize that it has more to offer than meets the eye. If you want to visit Porto Velho and derive the maximum fun then you need to check out the list given below.

Check Out Mercado Cultural

In order to have some fun, I visited Mercado Cultural. Music is played by some talented professionals and you can grab some delicious food here. Apart from this, marvel at the architecture of the building. It is simply great. It can be said that it is an exhibition of the city’s history. I had some good time here.

Visit Palacio Getulio Vargas

Visiting this place might be difficult but it is not impossible. This is because it is the most crowded. It has now been turned into a museum. I came to learn about the history of the city here. Also, the building has incredible architecture.

Spend Some Time at Cais Do Porto Velho

Do you want to get away from the bustling life of the city and spend some quiet time? Cais do is the place to be. The expanse of the river-front park offers a stunning. If you want, you can take a walk around the park. Click some photos to take some memory back home. I also availed the boating facility that is available here.

Explore the Beach of Porto Velho

Do not miss out on the miss. This is a great place for tourists. The bright sunlight is just perfect for sunbathing. Stroll around the beach or take a dip in the water. Stay back till sunset as the view during this time is just ethereal.

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